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About us.

Find out everything about us.

iD is a project that began almost 18 months ago when Three Ireland announced their intention to buyout O2. Carphone Warehouse, as the business was known at the time, saw the opportunity that existed with the destabilisation of the market that would ensue. The buyout afforded us the opportunity to generate healthy competition in the Irish market in order to ensure that Irish people get value for money and a fair offering. Achieving this and combining it with impeccable customer service is at the heart of the iD brand.
When it comes to buying new mobile phones and contracts, we know customers better than anyone. We’ve conducted extensive research to understand their frustrations – and their needs and wants – when it comes to their mobile phone network. In total, we spoke to over 6,000 people throughout the country. They told us their vexes and dissatisfactions with the market and current offerings.
We know that customers are frustrated with the same old contracts and how restrictive they can be. Signing up to a two-year deal, hoping they are ‘future-proofed’ for the next two years has led many to dissatisfaction; some have gotten stung with extra charges when they go over allowances and others have taken the easy option of a pricey ‘unlimited’ plan so they know exactly what they are paying each month and don’t need to worry about how they use it. These customers are looking for flexibility – the flexibility to choose what they want, change it when their needs change and only pay for what they use their phone for. The market is changing fast and we are changing with it. We want to be the customer favourite.
The brand pillars iD is built on are a relentless focus to be: Individual, confident, flexible and fuss free.