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Customer notifications.

Keeping you in the know. 

iD Prepay plan change, effective September 1st 2016.

Under Regulation 14 of the European Communities (electronic communications networks and services) (Universal Service and Users' rights) Regulations 2011 an operator shall, not less than one month prior to the date of implementation of any proposed modification, notify its subscribers to that service of the proposed modification in the conditions of the contract for that service, and their right to withdraw without penalty from such contract if they do not accept the modification.

If you are a subscriber to the services affected by these changes and if you do not accept these changes you may cease to use the service without penalty by giving us written notice in accordance your iD general terms and conditions prior to the implementation date of the change.
  1. Since June 2016 we have notified all subscribers that from August 1st 2016 iD Prepay customers can no longer purchase minutes, texts or data allowances (under their existing plan).
  2. Any allowances purchased between July 1st- 31st 2016 will be honoured for 30 days before expiring.
  3. Customers that proactively switch to the new iD Prepay plan before September 1st will get the new iD Prepay plan which consists of 30GB data, 300 minutes to other networks, free iD to iD calls and texts including a free €15 top up.
  4. From September 1st, all iD Prepay customers that have not switched to the new plan will be automatically switched to the new plan and can avail of complementary 30GB data, 300 minutes to other networks and free iD to iD calls and text for September.
  5. From September 1st 2016 standard prepay terms and conditions apply. These can be found within our terms and conditions.
  6. Customers that do not wish to avail of the new plan are free to leave the network at any time without penalty.

Prepay pricing changes, effective from June 1st 2016.

We've made some pricing changes to our prepay plans. From June 1st 2016 the following rates will apply:
Calls made to voicemail 20c per minute
Calls made to iD Care Team 20c per minute
Data per MB 10c per MB

EU roaming changes effective from April 28th 2016.

The EU is currently making changes to how roaming within Europe is regulated. Here's what you need to know.

Under EU regulations, all roaming charges for temporary roaming within the EU/EEA will be abolished on June 16th 2017.

However, before that date, a transitional period – starting on April 28th 2016 – will see all networks and operators amend their rates, so when customers are roaming within the EU/EEA they will be changed their normal domestic rate plus a surcharge.

The domestic rate and surcharge are permitted by the EU, provided that the charge does not exceed the maximum retail rate permitted under the regulation (19c to make a call, 6c to send a text and 20c per MB excluding VAT).

If a customer has minutes, texts or data bundles available as part of their iD plan then these bundles also apply to regulated roaming services – calls made, texts sent and data per MB. Check out the breakdown of charges below. 

Customer with a bundle allowance

Calls made 6.15c per minute*
Calls received 1.4c per minute
Texts sent 2.46c per text
Data per MB 6.15c per MB
*A minimum 30 second charge applies.  

Customer without a bundle allowance

In this case, we charge the national rate plus a surcharge. 
Calls made 23.37c per minute*
Calls received 1.40c per minute
Texts sent 7.38c per text
Data per MB 7.17c per MB
*A minimum 30 second charge applies.  

Please note:

  1. These rates apply to all existing and new prepay and bill pay customers automatically.
  2. A 30 second minimum charge will be applied to calls made inside and outside the bundle allowance.
  3. The rates apply to iD customer roaming in any EU/EEA Member State including territories/principalities. See below for a a full list of countries.
  4. When roaming outside the EU/EEA zones, existing roaming rates apply.
  5. For full details on roaming regulation amendments, please see European Union, 1998-2016.

Western and Central European countries.

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus
Denmark Estonia Finland France
French departments
and territories in the
Indian Ocean
French Guinea Germany Gibraltar Greece
Guadeloupe Hungary Iceland Isle of Man Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Martinique Monaco Netherlands Norway Poland
Portugal Romania San Marino Serbia Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden UK Vatican