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How it works.

Bill Pay.

With iD Bill Pay, you call the shots. iD is the flexible network, so we don’t do one-size fits all. Choose the data, minutes and text bundles that work for you. Decide if you want a new phone or want to go SIM Only. And pick your contract length. It’s iD, the flexible network.

Here’s how it all works.

Choose a plan.

You choose the data, minutes and text bundles that work for you. And if things change? We give you the option to change your plan anytime you want. Sure you could change it every month if that's what floats your boat!

Choose a phone or go SIM Only.

Unlike other networks, you choose how and when you pay for your phone. Pay less upfront and split the balance out across your contract, or pay more upfront and reduce your monthly bill.  And once you’ve covered the cost of your phone, you’re done! The only thing you’ll pay for each month is your plan.

Or if you choose to go SIM Only, then you just pay for your plan month to month with no strings attached!

Choose your term.

We’re all about options, so you choose how long you want your contract to be!



Once you’re up and running you can give your plan a boost anytime with one of our great value Add-ons! So you can keep up-to-date with friends in far away places with one of our UK or International Add-ons for Bill Pay.