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iD Accessibility Statement.

It is important that our customers have access to telecommunications services regardless of age or disability. This section of our website is designed to comply with accessibility requirements and we hope you find it useful.

What is provided?

Accessible Top up Services.

You can top up our prepay plans by purchasing top up vouchers. You can apply the vouchers on your phone by typing *101*, followed by the voucher number and the # key (e.g.*101* 123456789012345#). Then hit the 'Send' or 'Call' button and the top up will be applied. We will confirm when it is applied.

On-line top up is available for registered MyiD Prepay users. Log in to MyiD or register now to set up an account. Register your credit or debit card and select your top up amount.

Accessible Directory Enquiries.

If you have a vision impairment and have difficulty reading the phone book you can register to avail of a free directory enquiry service. You can contact 1800 574 574 to obtain a registration form. As part of registration, you will need to provide certified confirmation that you are eligible to register for the 196 service. Once you are registered you will be allocated a special PIN number which you then provide to the 196 operator each time you make a directory enquiry.


If you find it difficult to read your online bill, there are other options available. We will make arrangements to deliver your bill in an accessible format. Please contact us directly at any time if you need to discuss your billing requirements.


iD offers a broad range of phones with many useful features that can assist people with a vision, hearing or mobility impairment. Before choosing any device you can talk through its features with our team either in store, online or by phone – please find contact details below. For example, if you have a hearing impairment we offer phones with volume control, vibrate and visual alert, hands-free and text friendly solutions. You should also note that if you wear a hearing aid/cochlear implant and you find that it is not compatible with the device you have purchased we also offer a refund or replacement within 14 days of your instore purchase.

The Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) also provides information on mobile phones, tablets and apps, setting out the features that are available on a wide selection of devices and apps. This provides a useful guide in selecting the phone that best suits your needs.

For guidance on Phones & Tablets go to http://www.gari.info/findphones.cfm

Find guidance on Mobile Apps http://www.gari.info/findapps.cfm

Our plans.

iD plans are all about flexibility and we offer the choice you need, depending on how you use your phone. You can choose any combination of calls, text and data. We can offer you the highest data or text option together with the lowest calls allowance if that's what you need.

Contacting us.

You can contact us 7 days a week 365 days a year in the following ways:

By phone.

You can contact the iD Care team on 1747 from your iD phone or by calling 089 700 1747 from another phone.

Live chat.

You can also use our Live chat service which will connect you directly to one of our agents for web chat.

By post.

You can also contact us by post. If you need to send us information in writing you can get us at iD Mobile, PO Box 511, Waterford Mail Centre, Northern Extension Industrial Estate, Waterford.

Online form.

We also have an online form on our website which you can use to submit any question. We will endeavour to respond to any queries raised through our online form within 2 working days and will respond directly to the email address that you give.


Send us a message via our Facebook page @iDMobileIreland.

More information.

Please note that iD will participate in the ComReg forum on Electronic Communications Services for People with Disabilities.

You can obtain more information on accessibility on the ComReg website. The guide for people with disabilities and older people was developed by ComReg, the National Disability Authority and the telecoms industry and it provides useful information around handsets, billing options and costs. Click here for more information.

Please see below a list of other organisations that may be of interest:

If you have difficulty with the format of this accessibility statement you can view it in alternative formats.

If you require information in an alternative format, please let us know and will make arrangements for its provision.

This statement is subject to review annually and will be amended as required following each review.

Effective Date: July 2017

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