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Find the mobile network that's right for you.

Barry McLoughlin.

Switching mobile providers is a tough decision. And let’s face it, with gimmicks and confusing jargon many of the mobile networks don’t make it easy for you to know what the right move is for you. Well here at iD we’ve nothing to hide so we thought we’d do the hard work for you and tell you what’s what! Once you decide, the switching part is easy!

To keep things simple, we’ve done our sums based on 12 month Sim Only plans and left out any promotional offers, as they’re always changing.

‘Unlimited’ is often limited.

Right, first things first, let’s shed a bit of light on the wonderful word ‘unlimited’ (often referred to as ‘All you can eat’). Brace yourself, ‘unlimited’ isn’t always unlimited. Shock, horror! After a little digging (it wasn’t easy!) here’s what we found out:
  'Unlimited' data 'Unlimited' minutes 'Unlimited' texts Link
Three 60GB (with fair usage limit)1 Three to Three calls limited to 3,000 per month   Click here.
    10,000 flexi units so 10,000 minutes or 20,000 texts for example. (1 Flexi-unit = one minute call or 2 texts.)  
Tesco Mobile N/A 10,000 10,000 Click here.
Eir N/A. Eir offer unlimited access for social usage.2 45,000 10,000 Click here.
Virgin 30GB 10,000 10,000 Click here.
Vodafone N/A Fair usage based on the average usage of the Vodafone customer Click here. 3
iD We don’t use the word unlimited at iD. We just say it like it is and let you choose what you need and change your plan whenever you like!
Notes: 1) Reserves the right to restrict service where your usage exceeds 60GB. 2) Eir offer unlimited access for social usage. YouTube access free until 31/12/17 and subject to fair use of 60GB. 3) Red Connect from July 2017

4G data isn’t a given

The next important thing to consider is 4G data. With 4G you can experience speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G, so no more buffering! Tesco Mobile only offer 3G data right now so this might be worth keeping in mind if you’re keen on a bit of Googling! (Lycamobile, 48 & Postfone also offer only up to 3G). Tesco Mobile say ‘We currently offer our customers 3G Data and 2G (voice and text) coverage’.


Right, so that brings us to the all-important plans. It might sound obvious but you need to know what you use on a monthly basis. Start by taking a look at your bill with your current provider. Check your usage of data, minutes and texts – it may be different to what you think and to what the plan you’re currently on offers? This is your starting point for choosing your perfect plan.

So to keep things simple (it’s what we’re all about!) here are 4 categories that you might fit into. Pick yours and go from there!

The Basics

These plans are for the person who prefers to meet up in person rather than a long phone call or endless texts. They want just enough to get by, nothing more, nothing less.
Network Plan Minutes Texts Data Monthly Price1 12 Month Total
Virgin 2GB 250 250 2GB €15 €180
Eir 1GB 100 Unlimited 1GB €15 €180
Tesco 30 Day2 100 100 200MB €10 €120
iD 30 Day 250 250 1GB €12 €144
Notes: 1) Non-promotional prices. 2) Tesco 30 day €10 plan.

The Works

These plans are for the person who is very fond of a good chinwag, appreciates an essay style text message and would be very anxious if their 4G data wasn’t working. Their phone is pretty much glued to their hand.
Network Plan Minutes Texts Data Monthly Price1 12 Month Total
Virgin Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited €25 €300
iD 30 Day 10,000 10,000 30GB €29 €348
Tesco 30 Day Unlimited Unlimited 20GB €25 €300
Tesco SIM Plus Int. 12 Month Unlimited Unlimited 20GB €25 €300
Three Unlimited Flex Max Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited €30 €360
Notes: 1) Non-promotional prices.

Just data really

This plan is for the person who is all about data. They’re not much of a talker. But with WhatsApp and Facebook who needs minutes or texts anyway?
Network Plan Minutes Texts Data Monthly Price1 12 Month Total
iD 30 Day 250 250 30GB €20 €240
Notes: 1) Non-promotional prices.

High minutes / texts and some data

These plans are for the person who is a bit of a waffler. They love a good chat and needs just enough data to keep tabs on all things social media and current affairs.
Network Plan Minutes Texts Data Monthly Price1 12 Month Total
Vodafone Red 30 Day Unlimited Unlimited 5GB €30 €360
iD 30 Day 10,000 10,000 3GB €23 €276
Eir 30 Day Unlimited Unlimited 15GB €30 €360
Vodafone Red Connect 12 month Unlimited Unlimited 10GB €30 €360
iD 30 Day 10,000 10,000 7GB €26 €312
Notes: 1) Non-promotional pricing.

There you have it! We hope this helps you choose the network and plan that’s right for you. If you’ve spotted an iD plan that looks like a good fit, click here to get it. And remember, with iD you can change your plan whenever you like. So if you go from just needing the basics to the phone being glued to your hand, or the other way around, that’s not a problem!
Please keep in mind that all price plans referenced above can change. For full details and accurate details please review the terms and conditions of the individual plans.
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