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Make Your Move

Prepay just got more personal.

What is 30GB?

Yeah it’s big, but how big IS it exactly?

Let's break it down shall we?

90 hours of mobile Netflix

Binge-watch Peaky Blinders from the start. Watch the rise and fall of Tommy Shelby and his empire. 

720 hours of mobile spotify

If you don’t sleep, that’s 30 days non-stop of 'one-more tuuune, one-more tuuune'.

20,000 selfies

Uploaded, shared, liked, lol’ed, filtered, emoji’ed, added to a story … you know what we mean.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Want to see what else you can do with 30GB?

Minutes to Irish landlines/mobiles and texts to Irish mobiles whilst in the Republic of Ireland or whilst roaming within the EU. *4.2GB of data allowance available for EU roaming. €15 mandatory Top-Up applies to all new connections. 4G subject to network coverage. Terms apply